How does instagram ads work in 3 minutes quick and easy to explain

How does instagram ads work

Advertising on Instagram has also arrived in Italy and if you are wondering on how does instagram ads work from today, it will be possible for companies of all sizes to use IG as a platform on which to promote their advertising campaigns. From 30th September 2021, the advertising platform will be open to the rest of the world and the advertising will be probably the most important section of all the IG experience worldwide!

On the other hand, from today, millions of people who publish and see photos of friends and brands every day will find sponsored content in their iG feed (with an indication, in the top right-hand corner, “sponsored”) and will be able to comment on and interact with content that was “foreign” until now.

This is the right occasion for us to write this guide titled how does instagram sponsored ads work, therefore you can be able to understand how much do instagram ads cost and how much important is to create ads on IG for business.

The possibility of sponsoring (and therefore distributing more powerfully) one’s own content is not only a prerogative of large companies, but also of medium and small ones: the aim is therefore to cash in as much as possible on the one hand, but also to make it normal to find sponsored content within the feed.

Campaigns on Instagram are activated and managed through FB’s advertising tools, such as the Ads manager, the Power editor and the API: this will allow different levels of action, but guarantees a single access, in an environment familiar to those who already do advertising on Facebook.

There is no minimum cost: there isn’t one on FB either, but that doesn’t mean that you can always go down, on the contrary. Those who already advertise on FG know this very well and instagram sponsored ads.


How does instagram ads work: a new function but some preliminary actions need!

Ok, let’s start this guide titled how does instagram ads work about this new function: when you signed up for IG, you probably didn’t realise that you would also be using it for your professional activity, but the fact is that the social photo network is becoming more and more present in your working life. Posting content for other users in the community is no longer enough for you, so you’d like to take it to the next ‘level’ and advertise on IG, but you still don’t really understand how to advertise on IG and you’re wondering if I can help you out and well, of course I can!

Just a small clarification before we begin: in order to sponsor your content on IG, you must have a corporate account. If you don’t yet have such an account, remedy the situation immediately and turn your standard account into a corporate one: you will find all the information you need in my tutorial on the subject: go to your settings and look out for the option “switch to a business account”, tap on it and this is it.

Once you have the business IG account you are ready to know how does instagram sponsored ads work and of course how much do instagram ads cost. On IG, it is possible to sponsor content using a variety of tools and ad types, and as far as tools are concerned, the photographic social network offers the possibility of creating advertisements both through its official app and through some advanced tools that allow you to conduct real advertising campaigns.

Among these, I would like to point out Ad Management and Power Editor. IG also offers various types of adverts, one more interesting than the other for those who need to promote their business: instagram sponsored ads.

how does instagram ads work

How does instagram sponsored ads work: different contents, different ads format

how does instagram ads work guide is now about the different ads format you can create on IG. And let’s start from the first 2 most common ones.

Photo adverts – this is the simplest type of ad you can use on IG, but also one of the most effective, with photo ads, you can use both horizontal and square images. Video adverts – if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more and vdeo adverts combine images, sound and movement to create a strong visual impact on the viewer, remember that on IG, it is possible to create video adverts in horizontal or square format with a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

If you are still wondering on how does instagram sponsored ads work and how much do instagram ads cost first you must understand all those different formats you can create on IG. There are few more to talk about and below we will see what are the last 2 formats available on the platform.

Carousel adverts – this type of adverts allows several photos and videos to be included in a single ad and to view them all, the user simply swipes through the content. Ads in stories – placing ads in IG stories is a very clever strategy, as millions of users create and view this particular type of content every day. however, in order to place an ad in a story, specific guidelines must be adhered to regarding file size, format, maximum video length and so on (click here for more info on the specifications): this is how instagram sponsored ads work.

how does instagram sponsored ads work


How to create sponsored post pt 1

how does instagram ads work guide is now about how to create sponsored post and we will start from the most common ones. Promoting a post on IG is very easy: all you have to do is choose the post you want to promote and click on the Promote button below it, please note that this is currently only possible in the official IGapp for Android and iOS, not in the Instagram app for Windows 10 or the web version of the service.

That said, launch the IG app on your Android or iOS device, sign in to your IG account (if necessary), tap on the little man symbol to view the posts you have made on your profile, tap on the preview of the post you want to advertise and tap on the Promote button, located at the bottom right. As you can see very easy steps to start to create your sponsored posts but more steps required and we will see below.

Once you know how to create sponsored posts you will also know how does instagram sponsored ads work and of course how much do instagram ads cost. Now, select the goal you want to achieve with the promotion you are launchingĀ  (example get more visits on profile and website, Get more visits on website or Reach people near an address) and, in the screen that opens, complete your advert by indicating its destination (example your company’s website).

Then choose a call to action button to invite users to take action, select your audience, define the budget you have available and finally, specify the duration of the promotion.

And to create instagram sponsored ads, at this point, if you haven’t added a payment method yet, click on the Add a new payment method link and follow the wizard to set it up, you can use a variety of payment methods on Instagram, such as credit and debit cards and PayPal, finally, click on the blue button Create promotion and you’re done and the content you have just decided to promote will be shown to a larger number of users and will be labelled “Sponsored”.

how much do instagram ads cost

How to create sponsored post pt 2

Before in this how does instagram ads work guide we gave you the first part of how to create sponsored post tutorial. Let’s see now, as I mentioned earlier, IG (or rather FB, which as I’m sure you know owns IG) has made some tools available to advertisers that allow them to better manage their advertising campaigns.

The tools in question are designed primarily for Web Agencies and professionals who need to run fairly large advertising campaigns, so it is unlikely that you will be able to use them if you sponsor a post from time to time or if you are just starting out in the world of advertising. However, I urge you to read the next few lines anyway and gain a general understanding of the features of these useful tools.

If you want to know how does instagram sponsored ads work and how much do instagram ads cost you must have a clue of those campaigns just talked on. Ad management – this tool allows you to use the same advertising tools that you can use on FB, thanks to ad management, you can analyse the results of your advertising campaigns, make changes to your adverts, modify their settings and duplicate them quickly and easily.

Ad Management can be used from your computer as well as from smartphones and tablets (via the app available for Android and iOS) and if you would like to know more details, please read the support page on FB.

There also is Power Editor – with this tool, you can precisely control advertisements, groups of advertisements and even entire advertising campaigns: an indispensable function for those who invest a lot of resources in advertising on social networks and unlike the ad management tool I mentioned earlier, Power Editor can only be used on a PC but both are very useful tools to create instagram sponsored ads.

instagram sponsored ads

how much do instagram ads cost: business account

In this section of this guide titled how does instagram ads work let’s talk more about how ads can affect your business and your business account on IG. If you realise that you need a strategy to achieve some of your goals, then in-app sponsorships are not enough.

In this case, you will need to make use of FB Ads and the popular FB tool, the Business Manager.In the Business Manager, you’ll find the Ad Management section, a tool with which you can create real advertising campaigns on IB. To do this, you first need to set up and be an administrator of a FB business page and have a business account on IG too in order to get all the permission from both the platforms.

Now you will be more than ready to know how does instagram sponsored ads work and how much do instagram ads cost. FB and IG work together as they are from the same family and your accounts too can work at the same time each other in order to get more ads and followers.

Once you have set up a FB page, we recommend that you first develop a strategy for your brand and starting to create and launch campaigns with a defined day-by-day strategy is not only time-consuming, but will also not achieve your goals. If you want to create moreĀ instagram sponsored ads go above and read again about the tools we just talked about before!


instagram sponsored ads: some last good advice!

And this is the last section of this guide titled how does instagram ads work and we want still to talk about IG, FB and some very interesting side of all the ads affair on both platforms. And we want to give you some extra advice about how to create a proper ads campain on IG.

First of all, you have to choose the objective you want to achieve with advertising on IG. FG Ads offers several objectives divided into the macro areas of: Notoriety, Consideration and Conversion, try to imagine a marketing funnel in which your customers first discover your brand (awareness), then start to notice and find it interesting (consideration) and finally, once they have come to know and desire your company’s products, they are more likely to convert (which could be a purchase or lead generation).

This is exactly how does instagram sponsored ads work and how much do instagram ads cost: you must make a plan and stick with your plan. Depending on your objective you will need to “package” the perfect ad.

Create a copy and choose the graphics that your advertisement will have and we always recommend that you test at least two different adverts, so that you can analyse what your target audience prefers.

If you want to create instagram sponsored ads you must getting started with the tool can be seemingly easy, and what can make the difference for your business is to rely on those who have developed the necessary skills and experience over time to avoid unexpected budget wastage!



how does instagram ads work guide is now over. We want to give you some extra tips: video viewing, website visits and mobile app installation. In addition to the “Find out more” button, there will be at least two other call-to-actions: “Install now” and “Buy now”, to allow app installations and to encourage the purchase of products or services.

As far as targeting is concerned, there is nothing new compared to FB: based on interests, on tailored audiences or on similarities, it is possible to profile one’s own audience to be shown advertisements. At the moment, FB’s profiling tool is still the most powerful one around, but it remains to be seen how it will work with IG images.

In this guide titled how does instagram sponsored ads work we also showed you that how much do instagram ads cost can be actually 0: all depends from you. Moreover, it is possible to decide whether to activate a set of ads only on IG or also on FB for an integration that will allow brands and those involved in social advertising to experiment a lot.

This move has the obvious aim of making FB (and therefore also IG) the leading environment for advertising on smartphones and the real news today is precisely this, the possibility of making unified campaigns, thus having an audience that crosses platforms and reduces the gap between them. Create instagram sponsored ads following our advices, and run on our blog to get more articles, ideas and guides!

How does instagram ads work in 3 minutes quick and easy to explain
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How does instagram ads work in 3 minutes quick and easy to explain
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